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Night of Thousands Lights by Bonaxor

Okay this is going to be on the harsh side, I think it's time to step up your ponies. Why because I believe you can, I'm looking at this (as well as other work in the gallery) and I see a similarity between them; the backgrounds and props are getting very detailed, however, the ponies in general are holding a very show accurate style. In this picture for instance there is a high level of detail in the railings, flowers all the detail around Luna's collar/necklace very elegant and well done. Then I look at her face and it's nicely done, but it's nothing special in comparison making the picture feel off balanced. Basically to me the heavy vector lines around the pony are like training wheels and I think you're more than ready to take them off. In contrast, I don't see it as an issue when doing comics as they are more about the story than the detail of each frame. As always this is my opinion take it as you will, feel free to comment back.
P.S. I couldn't draw this to save my life right now.
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